Hes really upset. It's a challenge because I feel the definite rightness of that Piscean energy in myself; I KNOW I'm doing the right thing when I go towards the NN energy of transcendence, mutability, etc yet he feels it is something dark, to be fought against. Nobody ever talks about squares only conj. If it is a partnership, competitiveness is the driving force. I am trying to understand NN contacts in synastry. Re: the question, just above, about Mars conjunct NN synastry. Like, 3 degree conjunction=0.02 degree trine/sextile. The Eris person could harass the NN person when the NN person tries to find his life purpose. )My pluto squares my nodes natally and honestly I am drawn towards people who aspect my pluto and then square my nodes more than any others. Number 157 I think, Its in my 6H (10 deg Cancer) square my mothers Lilith, inconjunct my own Lilith and sextile my Venus. Ive seen it play out nasty as well. also mercury, his mercury tight trine to my ascendant, my mercury sextile his moon It can make you feel too criticized. Nessus makes for heat galore and swinging from the chandeliers, but when it is over, all of this passion can turn cold, at best, and very, very nasty, at worst. However, Nessus will usually win. This would take me a long time to figure out. If a person BRINGS a planet or asteroid to the North Node person, the planet or asteroid becomes a theme of the relationship.Hence, please look carefully at that which conjuncts the North Node in synastry. I love you and hope you write to me to say hello or to ask questions. Or my SN conjunct his Juno? Thwart the purposes of the other BUT you cant say this overall from this one aspect, I am interested in the Neptune NN conjunction in Synastry and how this could present. Interestingly enough, my Valentine is CONJUNCT his moon and my name asteroid. All I know, from my experience, is that when I put a planet on their South Node, things don't last. Im thinking the Lilith person is more obssesed but i dont know. She called me a gollira thinking that Im all that and said that my hair is horrible and nappy, I dont have shit in life, and that no man would want me. But I wonder how it plays out. In synastry, contacts to the natal South Node indicate each person's involvement in the other's past. You can put up your chart and join a very nice, safe and loving community! My boyfriends Moon is conjunct my NN. Mars/Venus conjunction is just attraction, so does not really tell us about emotional compatibility, Are the squares also taken into account? His dionysis and prey conjuncted her N Node and his loving conjuncted her S Node. There may be a lot of make-ups and break ups. my jupiter/uranus sextile to his sun In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I might be coming back to your weblog for more soon. It was really difficult to even think about spending less time with her(im younger). thats bad right? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Most commonly seen when the two are not evolved in their Lilith, they experience a battle of wills or power struggles. I have that aspect to someone and wonder about the potesial for this?? http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a528/ftoc57/astro_61gw_01_30_ama_mr_funny6913713738_zps7da101d5.gif, I meant to put it on my Forum lol Go on the front page of my website and you will see the icon for my Forum. xoxoo. As I said, I watch Nessus and Sado like a hawk. Intelligent girl, attractive - zero self esteem. even if it was only an asteroid (psyche). The Mars person, usually, feels compelled to attack the Moon person. You mentioned a friend was researching, any outcome yet? Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000 Thanks! I think that would be a soul mate sign. Do you actually know of abusive relationships that had the Dejanira-NN connections? Higley appreciated. But honestly, I still haven't figured out how they work for me in synastry lol. we are not slaves to astrology. Posts: 53083From: Saturn next to CharmaineRegistered: Apr 2009, Im guessing you both have a strong hold on each other, most likely unconsciously at times. It really is refreshing. What are your thoughts regarding north nodes in synastry? All of his Lilith's except asteroid Lilith 1181 I think.is conjunct my venus and trine my moon. Stalker potential? Hi, Ive been researching for some asteroids and read couple of articles of you. It looks like all my planets make aspect to his, aspecting heavily his nodes! Thank you for your sweet words. We had Venus mars contacts and sun, mercury,moon, and mars contacts all less than 3 degrees. I feel soo badd. Medusa conj the NN- the person will have been betrayed by woman but hate men. Great sense of understanding each other and the purpose of each other. This short relationship had a very profound effect on me and was wondering if this had any significance? That may be why you feel compelled to "be by their side", you know? This pairing can be dynamic and intense. My Moon conjunct his SN - close friends! thanks for sharing your knowledge amiann! According to Placidus my NN is on 8th house ), You have a deep understanding of each other, what about the vertex nn trine conjuction mean in synastry? We both have our controlling moments that we talk out and resolve certainly no abuse. Go to the front of the website and you will see Amis Soul to Soul Astrology Forum. North Node trine Jupiter ( 6.32 ) This is confusing to me. That wont change. The NN in synastry is amazing. I have some questions. But I'm sure you'll be able to integrate that energy somehow. xx. The Proserpina person may corrupt the innocence of the NN person, in some way. Because we were making music together and i recorded some piano tracks. Check this out and let me know. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Since I have a Mars-Venus conjunction. You are good thats exactly what I suspect.. howver his saturn conjuncts my sun , mercury and neptune. Does this mean this guy will want to be very sexual with me?! I never did Reddit but I can try! The other friend I have with his Mars on my SN is similar, but in a less active way. Or maybe I'm just biased. Which is also trine his NN. In the case of Nessus and Sado, I do not care how nice the person appears. I have an exact NN degree conjunction with someone who Im with right now. No, but I have seen enough other asteroids play out to speculate. Your take on Nessus trine Pluto in synastry ? Even if you just pointed out a few things that I need to look into myself. However, if you want me to help you to find Jesus, that is why I am here. This wasnt a thing before. It may not show up if it is not a committed long term relationship. Mars and Lilith conjunct in the synastry chart. It definetely is confusing im with you on that and your right about how prominent lilith (i) which is h21 in ASTRO.com. Idk what to do. what does it mean when you have a North Node conjunct Descendant in Composite Chart? Were they born close in time and date Clara? Awesome person! Did you have a past life with him? I have a irksome question regarding a composite north node conjunct someones natal Venus retrograde at an exact degree. Could you ask a simpler question, my Friend? Henry and Meghan have a strong Nessus synastry. Thank you very much for answering Did he always find you attractive even before you got together and after the relationship? I've also been the planets/angle person aspecting the north node of another. he was the one who was obsessed with me. 4) if trine or sextile is exact, will it be felt as strong as conjunct? When I write articles like this I get hate mail. IF you were born far apart in time, you would have a similar purpose and understand the purpose of each others lives well, S. Hello, Im french so please, excuse me if my english is not good enough. i so understand your pain, Jennifer. not the NN person. Copyright [the-year] [site-link] | This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Big thanks for your great article ! Their natal Sado/Uranus squares my sun, and their natal Nessus is opposite my sun. xoxo. What I mean to say with that is, he is fully occupying the 'role' of the Mars in Sagittarius, and so he's not allowing me to fall back into my usual SN 'know it all/teacher routine.' I have with my friend this connection. I wonder if it could be a manifestation of the betrayal he experienced in his previous relationships. im too familiar with these kind of energy so im aware of it. The NN person would have a kind of awe for the Apollo person. Nessus I feel was the abuse of my mother and my father was my rock. But you'r right there doesn't seem to be a pattern .. Family relations changes due to internet. Someone s NN and Jupiter conjucts with my Mc and her SN conjucts with my IC. Amy , No way do I agree. too much feels like a drag, but each person is different in how much Saturn suits them. Wow Lili Will NN trine Neptune aspect bring sorrow as well? My first boyfriend was a Cancer, too. The NN person has a purpose to have a relationship with the DSC person. I have Nessus in Taurus forming a grand trine with my moon and sun. My Chiron shot her down. I have not seen it before. How about ask me your most desired question. You might want to consider these possibilities for your Lilith conjunct South Node in Capricorn in the 6th: Workaholism, escaping dealing with relationship issues through overworking, the belief that the female is to do all the daily household chores (and resentment of men, thereof, if female), too much emphasis on career/ambition interfering . My observation Nessus is NO MATCH for Pluto . Your email address will not be published. I do think Jesus can overcome everything but only Him and a relationship with Him Abby. I dont believe in past lives so this is it for me! The North Node is the theme of ones life. ), The Nessus will try to bully the Mars but the Mars will fight back. Love, Hello, I appreciate your explorations and lessons here. The persons adaptation would be the variable that could change <3. his jupiter conjunct my chiron, and his jupiter making very tight trine to my sun I can feel too parental. (024 orb). This seems to give powerful attraction at first. Maybe its so close to my sun that i didnt even notice ? That which conjuncts the Moon affects the heart. Here is the link to my articleThe North Node in Synastry. He will abuse you in your worst area of pain, which sounds like what is happening. My last relationship didn't have anything aspecting my north node, but I definitely aspected his. Posts: 1167From: New York, New York, USARegistered: Nov 2014. If YOUR Nessus conj his Moon, you would be the abuser and he would not fight back, Abigail.Interesting about space but I can see how you are not as close with a square in synastry, Oh sorry i forgot.. i also have experiences with moon square moon very nasty! Synastry Aspects - Astrology Meanings and Interpretations. I am very strong about the NN in synastry, for this reason. Idk if i should apologize or stand my ground or ignore the situation. Pluto conj the NN there will be all kinds of primal passion. my pluto (5th house ruler) conjuncts his north node and his venus 2 degress! So what would it mean if my NN is conjuct someone elses NN to the exact degree in scorpio? Or would it still be bad? You mean Prince Harry and Meghan Markle right? Moon-South Node: this is an aspect which can guarantee a very deep emotional relationship. Bringing Lilith is a wonderful oppurtunity to a mans world especially if the man this guy has slept with lots of girls can get any girl he is super attractive he's a musician. Too much emphasis on the South Node can result in stagnation. his NN and venus opposite my moon, I am thinking now of the North Node as a point which can be stimulated in infinite ways, all lending to the essential learning and growth of the North Node party. Both their natal Sado and Sun/Nessus exact conjunction, oppose my natal moon, in a sandwiching effect. i wonder if anyone could tell me if there is any chance in this relationship, so far the biggest love of my life. You know how some people are deeeeeply seated in their South Node, well they may enjoy SN connections cause it feels comfortable and they don't feel the need/desire to move to their NN. Nessus would be the abuser . My Lilith conjuncts his South Node exact, and there are more aspects with Lilith, i just don't remember them now, since i do not have a chart in front of me. I love your blog , Thank you for being here, Ana, and you made my day with your kind words <3. It is is close( up to 4 degrees) your pain could work against his life purpose, Do you have thoughts about Mars conjunct Nessus in synastry? Like an intro. However, with time, this is more of a fighting/fighting aspect i.e lets tear each others necks off. The nessus vesta conjuct is also oppsite this persons Amor (in his SN).. Psyche is soul. How about for the NN person? live like that if your beliefs give you comfort. To me, if I see a strong Nessus synastry, I would runperiod end. So, I am curious to know what your experiences have been respectively. Hence, these two aren't planetary bodies. I have a question for you Amiann, with regard for NN. here on this post. I can only imagine that lilith conjunctions make for an addictive relationship ..but squares and opposites are much more confusing to me. The Ascendant conjunct the NNthe Ascendant person will help the NN person reach his dreams. I assume this is synastry. You have to be honest or life is not worthwhile. Together, they stand for the Nodal Axis. Together, they stand for the Nodal Axis. I guess fate intervened. Could you please give me your opinion about Eris square NN in synastry ? In the natal chart, she represents wild female sexuality and the anger that comes from being denied, rejected or cast out. Mars conj. My bf and I both have lilith square moon natally. The Sun person, just who they are, it's almost as . Any relationship is all about hearts. his SN conjunct my moon (my cancer ascendant ruler) in 10th house On synastry chart with my friend, My NN Virgo conjuncts my friends SN Pisces . I much prefer Mars conjunct SN. They would fight the repulsive part but it would persist. Others differ with me. What surprises me is how different my attitude is whether I am the NN or the planet person. Alternatively, it can also happen that you display the traits of Mars more strongly. He was extremely violent and abusive. youre way too black and white. Am I being silly Im just so in love with him. (I imagine this is challenging as well. I can only imagine how you react to people who put their planets on your NN/Pluto! It was kind of weird but cute and it made us feel good. Thank you. This post has been getting so much traction. How will this play out is it good or bad? The North Node helps astrologers understand the connection between the Moon, Sun, and Earth at the moment of someone's birth. I do not see a relationship going the distance with this aspect. 3) What does it mean when As Union conjunct Bs NN? What do you think? If I dont come, please dont take it personally. I have been addicted to this for years now.. I would really love if you were able to give me astrology related advice.. such as things you may notice that make an outcome likely or not. Venus conj the NN is a relationship of deep love, i had one experience with NN and venus conjunct exact. We have a nice connection and get each other. I am sorry, my Friend. What if my pluto square north node of other person in synastry, You may want to control her but push it aside and it may come out in an anger explosion, good day, ami. But, thank you so much!!!! Think of Liz and Dick. Some call you when they need something of you and you wont hear them again. About Neptune conjunct NN : I confirm it can bring great sorrow I met a men 4 years ago, and his Neptune conjunct my NN he asked for a child during 2 years then he abandoned me when I was pregnant he said that he changed his mind (he didnt recongnize our child). chicago electric miter saw laser replacement, heart medicine dandelions and roundup,