This train consists of two 2 such units coupled. Photorealistic driver's stand with digital speedometer and pilot lamp. for mechanical modification 2/27/2002, 6466-6470 seen in Plattsburgh, NY 2/19/2001, 6471-6475 shipped to 207th St. for brake modifications, 6/18/2001, 6476-6480 and 6611-6615 seen doing simulated stops, 7/11/2001, 6476-6480 and 6611-6615 in service, 7/20/2001, 6471-6475 returned to East 180th St. 5/19/2002, 6486-6490 moved to ?207th St. Shops? by CT1660, Mudwrestle and Mr. Railfan. Line crews, for eventual use of the R-142A on the #4), (7650 will be last R-142A assigned to the Pelham Line, totalling R142A. [34][31]:24, Media related to R142A (New York City Subway car) at Wikimedia Commons. The cars are configured as "A" (cab) cars, with two motor Currently, most R142s are maintained at the 239th Street Yard and East 180th Street Yard and assigned on the 2 and 5, with the remaining sets maintained at the Jerome Yard and assigned to the 4. Option and supplemental orders for 580 additional line in the Bronx. [8][9] The trains are linked up in 5-car, A-B-B-B-A sets, but also can be linked in sets of 4 cars (A-B-B-A), 6 cars (A-B-B-B-B-A), 9 cars (one 5-car set and one 4-car set), or 11 cars (one 5-car set and one 6-car set). non-revenue testing occurring on the center tracks of the Dyre Avenue cars (B cars) will be converted jointly by Kawasaki and NYC Transit (Female) "This is a Bronx bound 5 Express train. And thank you for photographing my home line like it should be. Times Square Subway Magnet. option order. [22][23] After successful completion, it entered revenue service on November 2, 2000. eleven-car trains (10 new trains and 36 converted trains) for service They are numbered as 7731-7810. Thanks! The four The example below shows a sample announcement from a Bronx bound 5 (New York City Subway service) Express train, as on the R142s. After the doors open, the announcements tell the destination, line, local or express service, and the next stop. Delivery of the new cars began in December, 1999, with extensive The car numbers of the R68 (B, D, N, W) are in the 2000s, while the R68A (A, B) have car . Some cars moved to 207th St. Yard on 12/20/1999. I'm late! Exterior view available for Open BVE . All ended up on the 7 train for cbtc. These new poop trains will hit the tracks starting in 2020, but prototypes have been making highly anticipated debuts since December. It was built by Bombardier Transportation in La Pocatire, Quebec, Canada and Barre, Vermont, U.S. with final assembly performed at Plattsburgh, New York, from 1999 to 2003. In 20112016, 380 cars (72117590) were retrofitted with communications-based train control (CBTC) for the automation of the Flushing Line and became part of the R188 fleet, leaving 220 cars (75917810) in the R142A fleet. 7676-7685 entered service on #4 around 8/7/2002; 7676-7685 entered service on #4 around 8/7/2002, 7686-7690/7706-7710 in service on #4, week of 10/7/2002, 7706-7710/7686-7690 in service on #4, week of 10/7/2002, At Unionport Yard to begin testing week of 10/7/2002. 6766-70 enter service on #2 on or about 2/25/02. July 1, 2018 in Subway Photos & Videos. , Five-car set: Bo'Bo'-Bo'2'-Bo'2'-Bo'2'-Bo'Bo. In March 2021, car 7021 its route and destination signs upgraded to LEDs. It's pretty. The change of material to steel was prompted by the 1918 Malbone Street Wreck, one of the deadliest train crashes in U.S. history, in which over 100 were fatally injured. "A" cars are powered with four traction motors each, with the passenger doors opposite each other. The R142s are visually very similar to the R142As and R188s, but due to electrical incompatibilities, the three types are not interoperable. While the nitty-gritty details of subway car types may seem tedious, the quality of your commute often depends on it; the next time youre stuck in a tunnel during yet another delay, the knowledge that youre inside an R62 might improve the situation by a small amount. The traction motors that are present on the R142As were later used for the R143 and R188 fleets; the same traction motors would also be used for the Type 8 light rail vehicles on the Green Line of the MBTA and the CQ31x rail fleet of the MARTA rail system. The 6 got r62a as it was a like for like swap with the 7 train Reply . cars. Pasted as rich text. Awesome catch with the R142 train. All car ends have windows, allowing passengers to see through to the next car, except cab ends, where the cab walls prevent such visibility. 440 Cars. [26], Updated R142 electronic strip map shared by the, Modified route and destination sign (with LED panels) on car 7171. 5.1.2 The R142 system's node number are assigned at equipment assembly and configuration time in the factory. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Columbia University Subway Magnet. They were originally numbered 72117810 when built, but cars 72117590 were converted into R188s. from there to East 180th St. Now, CP Rail delivers R142s from 10-car R-142A trains. We share these values. 7-Train Flushing Express. Motors/Braking/Trucks: 600 Vdc, AC Traction motor, 150 HP To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Free shipping for many products! Recently viewed. There are 15 different models running in the MTAs current fleet of passenger trains, their numbers ranging from 32 (the oldest cars in the system, dating back to the 1960s) up to 188. semi-permanent sets in the order A-B-B-B-A but can be linked in 4, 6, Damaged set 6586-6590 running in service now with 6346-6530, 7/16/2001, 6596-6600 delivered to East 180th St. 6/5/2001, 6596-6600 in service with 6586-6590, 6/27/2001, 6591-6595 & 6601-6605 in service together, 6/29/2001, 6606-6610 seen on the property 6/29/2001, being tested with 6501-6505, 6601-6605 & 6591-6595 in service together, 6/29/2001, 6606-6610/6516-6520 seen in service 8/16/2001, 6616-6620 seen in East 180th St Yard, 7/3/2001, 6611-6615 and 6476-6480 seen doing simulated stops, 7/11/2001, 6611-6615 and 6476-6480 in service, 7/20/2001, 6616-6625 seen doing simulated stops, 7/20/2001, 6621-6625 seen at Unionport Yard 7/15/2001, 6626-6630 seen at East 180th St. shop 7/16/2001, 6631-6635 delivered to East 180th St., 7/15/2001, 6636-6640 delivered to East 180th St., 7/24/2001, 6636-6640/6646-6650 testing, night of 8/11/2001, 6646-6650 delivered to East 180th St., 7/25/2001, 6646-6650/6636-6640 testing, night of 8/11/2001, 6641-6645/6651-6655 in service week of 8/20/2001, 6646-6650/6421-6425 in service week of 8/27/2001, 6656-6660/6621-6625 entered service 9/19/2001, 6661-6665/6351-6355 seen being tested 8/25/2001, 6676-6680/6341-6345 entered service 9/19/2001, 6681-6685/6691-6695 seen testing 9/17/2001, 6696-6700 seen at East 180th St. 9/11/2001, 6691-6695/6681-6685 seen testing 9/17/2001, 6696-6700/6706-6710 getting ready for testing 9/20/2001, 6701-6710 seen on train from Bombardier to Fresh Pond, 9/9/2001, 6701-6705 delievered to East 180th St. 9/20/2001, 6706-6710/6741-6745 in service 11/29/2001, 6716-6720 seen at Unionport Yard 9/30/2001, 6711-6720 running simulated stop testing 11/7/2001, 6711-6720 recently seen in service (around 11/15/2001), 6721-6725 recently seen in service (around 11/15/2001); 6724 has By October 29, 2002, all R142As would have entered passenger service. The R142 is the first successful model class of the newest generation or new technology (NTT) A Division cars for the New York City Subway. preparation, 12/27/2000, Seen making simulated stops on the #6, 14th St. 11:04 am, # of veh. and pneumatic friction brake system, electronically controlled; [28][29] The last R142As (75817590) to be sent to the Kawasaki Rail Car plant were removed from service on March 18, 2016; by the next month, they too had been sent to the plant. NYCT C Line. They replaced the Redbird trains, including the R26, R28, R29, R33, R33S, and R36. Before it was controlled by a singular state agency, there were multiple private companies in chargenamely, the IRT, IND, and BMTwhich ran many car models on the tracks over the course of the 20th century. The testing will entail running the train on a regular schedule Even the most oblivious straphangers knows that not all subway cars are built alike; the differences between the older and newer cars is quite obvious. [14], The first ten R142s, 63016310, were delivered on November 16, 1999. R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; R142; Metro de Nueva York; class of New York City Subway car; Serie di carrozze della metropolitana di New York; class of New York City Subway car; R142; R142, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 01.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 02.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 04.jpg, 149th St Concourse IRT td (2019-03-29) 05.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 14 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 16 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 18 - IRT.jpg, 161st St Yankee Stadium td (2019-03-15) 19 - IRT.jpg, AtlanticPacific td (2019-05-24) 25 - IRT Brooklyn Local Platform.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 02.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 08.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 11.jpg, Brooklyn CollegeFlatbush Av IRT td (2019-05-24) 12.jpg, Burnside Avenue IRT Jerome; Interlocking Tower.jpg, Burnside Avenue IRT Jerome; Platform Sign under 125th St Canopy.jpg, Clark Street Tube Fix&Fortify Repairs (42936365592).jpg, Coche R142, lnea 3 del Subte de Nueva York.jpg, Coche R142A, lnea 6 del Subte de Nueva York.jpg, Daily Subway Ridership Tops Two Million for First Time Since Beginning of COVID-19 Pandemic (51105505651).jpg, Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn College 2 train.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 01 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 02 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 07 - Franklin Avenue.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 11 - Bypassing Winthrop Street.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 14 - R142 2 5 Strip Map.jpg, From the 2 Train td (2019-05-24) 24 - Newkirk Avenue.jpg, From the 4 Train td (2019-03-29) 01 - To 149th Street.jpg, Fulton Ctr td (2019-07-04) 29 - IRT 7th Avenue.jpg, IRT Broadway-Seventh 66th Street Northbound Platform.jpg, IRT Lenox 125th Street Northbound Platform.jpg, IRT Lexington Brooklyn Bridge Southbound Platform.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 05 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 06 - IRT Express, Step Aside.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 07 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 08 - IRT Express.jpg, Lex Av59th St td (2019-03-15) 09 - IRT Express.jpg, Manhattan bound R142 4 train enters Yankee Stadium.jpg, Mosholu Parkway IRT td (2019-03-29) 03.jpg, Mosholu Parkway IRT td (2019-03-29) 04.jpg, MTA Holds 13th Mask Force Day (51324844619).jpg, MTA Holds 13th Mask Force Day (51325111850).jpg, MTA New York City Transit Cleans up After Winter Storm (39524679231).jpg, MTA New York City Transit Cleans up After Winter Storm (39524679471).jpg, MTA NYC Subway R142 7171 Destination Sign.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 4 R160A on the E.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 4 R160A on the M.jpg, NYC Subway R142 on the 5 and R160B on the N.jpg, President Street IRT Nostrand; Flatbush-Brooklyn College Sign.jpg, President Street IRT Nostrand; Platform Exit.jpg, R142 6 Train @ 149th Street-Grand Concourse.jpg, R142 At 207th Street Overhaul Shop and Yard with TOMC.JPG, Snow and Ice Prep- February 5, 2014 (12350813384).jpg, Southbound R142 4 train leaving Yankee Stadium.jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652153607).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652153612).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52652917499).jpg, Subway Safety Announcement (52653083625).jpg, Wakefield IRT WPR Line; 2018-10-16; 09.jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14125866217).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14309055221).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14310537812).jpg, Wakefield-241st Street Station (14332587433).jpg, Weekend work 2012-09-04 01 (7929680846).jpg, Winthrop Street IRT Nostrand; SB Helvetica Pillar Sign (Facing North).jpg, Woodlawn; IRT Jerome Avenue; 4 Train on Track 1.jpg, Woodlawn; IRT Jerome Avenue; 4 Train on Track 4.jpg, WPR Local R142 at East Tremont- Boston Rd.JPG,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. These cars were based off the R110A prototype cars that operated between 1993 and 1999. We have been testing our products by independent accredited testing laboratories from our first production through our current product line. has two traction motors. Model: Modeled in 3ds max 2016. This includes the current R142, R142A, R143, R160, R179, and R188 models, along with the R211 model which is currently being delivered, and the planned R262 model. NYC Subway Bluebird World's Fair Flushing Express. On April 30, 1997, the Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved the purchase of 680 cars from Bombardier (the R142s) and 400 cars from Kawasaki (the R142As). cars 7211-7220, ran more regularly in service on the #6 line. MTH #20-21145-1 R40 4-Car Subway Set with Proto-Sound 3.0 - Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Stainless Plating) A-8th Avenue Express June 12, 2009 Car #'s 4414, 4415, 4424, 4425 Number 20-21145-1 Manufacturer MTH Trains Scale O $699.99 Add to Cart [7] The last R142s were delivered by mid-2003. The R142 and R142A are a type of subway car built by Bombardier Transportation and Kawasaki Rail Car, respectively, for the New York City Subway. Create on September 2 2013. In 3D cabs, the driving experience is augmented with forces that shake your simulated body upon acceleration and braking, as well as in curves. 7211-7220 unloaded from ship at Port Newark 11/25/1999, 7212, 7213, 7214 seen in Yonkers assembly plant 12/13/1999, 7213, 7214, 7215 seen outside Yonkers plant 12/17/1999. train on the #5, 6771-75 enter service on #5, 4/29/02 coupled to Cars 6761-65, 6781-6785/6731-6735 seen being tested on #2 line, 12/5/2001, 6785-6790/6736-6740 seen being tested on #2 line, 12/10/2001, 6781-6785/6555-6560 in service on or prior to 12/27/2001, 6786-6790/6731-6735 in service on or prior to 1/5/2002, 6791-6800 in service on or before 1/9/2002, 6806-6810 delivered to Fresh Pond Yard 2/21/2003, 6816-20 and 6861-65 testing on #2 Line, 3/2002, 6826-6830/6766-6770 testing on the #5 route, 2/5/2002, 6821-6825/6761-6765 testing on the #5 route, 2/26/2002, 6841-6845 seen at Fresh Pond, 12/28/2001, delievered to E180th The R142s and R142As are the first New York City Subway cars to feature recorded announcements. (A fun fact about the R32s: Along with the second oldest models, the R42s, theyre singular in their dated seat layout.). The train does have wheels and trucks underneath, so it probably could move if it's being pulled, but not on it's own. to E180Th St. 12/8/2000, 6421-6425 Seen being tested on 12/18/2000, 6426-6430 seen in Unionport Yard, 1/14/2001, 6421-6425/6646-6650 in service week of 8/27/2001, 6431-6435 spotted in Fresh Pond Yard (railroad not subway), 1/5/2001. These tests insured our toys met or exceeded the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F963 toy standards for lead and heavy metals, flammability, and sturdiness. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. division, to be known as contracts R-142 and R-142A. [9][10][11], The R142A contract was divided into three sub-orders: 400 main order cars (72117610), 120 option order cars (76117730), and eighty cars built under a supplemental contract (R142S) in 20042005[2][1] to supplement the R142As (77317810). 2019 - The South African Department of Employment & Labour Disclaimer PAIA Series Banner on side. 7276-7280 seen at East 180th St. 12/7/2000. The R142s and R142As replaced all of the Redbirds the R26, R28, R29, R33, R33 WF, R36 and R36 WF IRT cars. different voices are all personalities on Bloomberg radio. R-142/R-142A cars would retire the rest of the redbird fleet, and in just curious to know what it looked like! While tail has full passenger compartment. $609.99. "Subdivision 'A' Car Assignments: Cars Required June 27, 2021", "Some New Subway Cars Put Into Service Monday", "R-142A Datasheet from NYCT Revenue and Non-Revenue Car Drawings", "Image: dsc05671vd.jpg, (3456 2592 px)", "New Subway Cars Promise All Kinds of Information", "NYCT's New 'Millennium' Cars Enter Service", "On Board Brooklyn Bridge Bound R142A (6) Train From 149th Street-GC to 86th Street w/ LCD Screen", " R-142 / R-142A Delivery Notes", "New Subway Cars Show Flaws And Are Removed for Repairs", "Capital Program Oversight Committee Meeting", "New York City Subway Car Fleet June 2010 through November 2016", Educated Blog Archive Subway Sounds: R-142A,, 220 (170in revenue service during rush hours), Stainless steel with fiberglass end bonnets, 6 sets of 54 inch wide side doors per car. Anthony faved this 523 views 1 fave 0 comments Taken on February 16, 2018 All rights reserved Apple iPhone 6s iPhone 6s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 /2.2 4.2 mm 1/15 200 Flash (off, did not fire) Show EXIF #2, 5/30/2001, 6346-6350 in service, week of 5/26/2001, paired with 6321-6325, 6341-6345 in service, week of 6/5/2001, paired with 6336-6340, 6346-6530 in service with 6586-6590, 7/16/2001, 6341-6345/6676-6680 entered service 9/19/2001, 6351-6355 Delivered from Linden Yd. technology tested in the R-110 New Technology Test Program. CSX then took them over the Hell Gate Bridge to Seeing that the never uses R142/As the never updated the LED of the , the have been updated as they are 100% NTT. I see you had luck getting the R142 shots. Delivery of the 88 new option cars is scheduled More Info. [6] There are 880 cars numbered 63017180 and another 150 cars numbered 11011250, for a total of 1,030 cars, all arranged as five-car sets. resets the clock), further car deliveries will begin at the rate of 30 up with Loco N1, then RD328, loco N2, then cars 6335-34-33-32-31, The R142A fleet initially comprised 600 cars, arranged as five-car units. by Yannick. Regardless of sub-order differences, all R142As are mechanically and physically identical to each other. Friendly Engineer(Train Operator) gives me a peace sign Me too of course to him! Who says what? Subway. Both car classes entered service on July 10, 2000. Railway, and from there, the cars are towed by NYCTA diesel 6331-6335 in service on the #2, 12/7/2000, paired with 6326-6330. (Which mta subway train toy 1-48 of 150 results for "mta subway train toy" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. -Modified by SIR North Shore. some of which date back to 1958 and should perhaps now be called However, minor issues were reported to be found and have since been corrected during troubleshooting during the testing phase. [7] These cars were built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in the U.S. at Yonkers, New York and Lincoln, Nebraska, and in Japan at Kobe, Hygo. of the base contract and the option will be a total of 46 CBTC-ready Gottesman is now at 1010 WINS-AM, and Sirius Satellite Radio working with Howard Stern and his Howard 100 news team. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! The base contract, of $166 million USD, provides But not everyone knows what, exactly, differentiates one dated car from another, or why so many types of subway car run throughout the transit system. Your previous content has been restored. $369.99. 137th City College Bound. the trains known as "redbirds" (car classes R26, R28, R29, R33, R36), 880 of the R142s are numbered 63017180, and the remaining 150 cars are numbered 11011250. I dunno why. These trains (46 trainsets total) would provide to E180Th St. 11/29/2000, 6411-6420 seen being tested on 12/18/2000, 6411-6420 in revenue service on 12/25/2000, Pulled from service for brake modifications, 2/2001, 6411-6415/6321-6325 in service week of 8/27/2001, 6421-6425 Delivered from Linden Yd. converted cars, are scheduled to take place during the 1st quarter of NYC Subway Bluebird World's Fair Flushing Express. + R142 (3) Special! 7216-7220 operating on Dyre line 1/23/2000, 7215, 7220 and others seen at Gun Hill Road, 3/6/2000, 3/7/2000, 7211-7215 testing on Dyre line, 5/30/2000, 7211-7220 first day of revenue service testing 7/10/2000, 7211-7220 returned to East 180th St. after testing completed for modifications, 7211-7220 seen heading south at 149th/3rd Ave. on 12/22/2000, 7211-7220 seen in Unionport Yard, 1/14/2001, 7216-7220 & R142 6336-6340 spotted together in testing, 4/2001, 7211-7215 & R142 6341-6345 seen running simulated stops on the The first R142s were delivered on November 16, 1999, though they initially experienced minor issues that were reported while undergoing testing. Note how the destination says "TO NEW LOTS AV" instead of "NEW LOTS AV". With specials and more! The cars initially experienced minor issues while undergoing testing, but entered service on July 10, 2000, as part of its 30-day revenue acceptance test. Fan Railer's Railworks DLC Modifications; Train Simulator Classic Scenarios [7] These cars were built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in the U.S. at Yonkers, New York and Lincoln, Nebraska, and in Japan at Kobe, Hygo. 'Subdivision 'A' Car Assignment Effective December 19, 2021'. The route portion of the sign also received a green circle/red diamond LED for the route display, similar to those on the R62A sets currently used on the 6 route. St., 6/4/2001, 6391-6400 still not in service, seen at East 180th St. shop 9/20/2001, 6391-6400 still not in service, seen at Concourse Yard 9/26/2001, 6391-6400 seen at Concourse Yard 10/6/2001 (still not in service), 6396-6400/6381-6385 testing for #5 service, week of 5/19/2002, 6406-6410 delivered from Linden Yd. Train Simulator Content. R142 5-Car Subway Set Compatibility This engine will operate on any traditional O-31 Gauge track system, including . B cars are powered by two traction motors at number two end (car ends are numbered on the lower body just above the truck). Powered by Invision Community. They were built and delivered from 1999 to 2003, and were the first in a series of New Technology Trains for the MTA. Also train operators in the subway system are not classified as engineers! This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Like all other A-Division cars, each car has three sets of doors per side. -Install to your OpenBVE directory & overwrite files if asked! Subway, local and express station, ADA accessible (transfer to 42 St/Port Authority Bus Terminal not accessible) 34 St- Penn Station. The R142 and R142A were the first "New Technology Train" production models to enter service on the A Division and on the entire New York City Subway. to make an 11-car train). The R142As are numbered 75917810. 6311-6320 in service on #2 line, 11/1/2000, running the schedule You cannot paste images directly. To understand where subway cars are now, it helps to understand their history. The Bombardier Shots: All the Numbered Lines! I caught one back in February but it was a rerouted . The r/nycrail subreddit abounds with discussion of these nuances; many railfans can even recognize the differences between models based on the sounds they make when they roll into stations and open and close their doors. by. Anyways thanks for the comment! -. The cars are delivered to the New York & Atlantic It's mad rare to see them south of 96 St. New York MTA New York City 3 Pc. 'Subdivision 'B' Car Assignment Effective December 19, 2021'. housing, output jacks or other parts. The R142s feature Alstom ONIX AC propulsion systems, electronic braking, automatic climate control, electronic strip maps, and an on-board intercom system; the traction motors of the R142s were later used on the majority of the R160 subway cars when they were first delivered. The front/rear cars (A cars) of the R188 (7) have. sometime in early 2002 and complete in 2003. We have been testing our products by independent accredited testing laboratories from our first production through our current product line. In January 2019, the MTA has proposed mid-life upgrades to the remainder of the R142As. R-142/R-142A Option Order: Option orders for 500 additional Display as a link instead, -Complete with 13 different IRT routes to enjoy. Great shots in all. The R142 car bodies are constructed from stainless steel.[12]. 6326-6335 running as a train set, 5/28/2001, 6321-6325/6346-6350 in service as a train set, 6/1/2001, 6321-6330 spotted as a single train set, 8/2001, 6321-6325/6411-6415 in service week of 8/27/2001. Photorealistic driver's stand with digital speedometer and pilot lamp. The observant straphanger will notice that the rolling stock that runs along the lettered lines (formerly the BMT/IND and officially known as the B Division), are significantly wider and longer, at 10 feet wide, than the numbered line trains. An R142 (5) train at 180th Street station. 7-Train Flushing Local. Oct 10, 2017Train Sim is the# 1 Train Simulator with NYC subway car R142A, R142, simply amazing 9999999, whenever I play it qmax mst 999 software update, I think of Trainz Classic, also very. Description A guide to OMNY, the MTAs new MetroCard-replacing fare system, F train tunnel will get $50M Sandy rehab in 2021, How to get a half-priced MetroCard from the citys Fair Fares program, New York Citys iconic subway signs celebrated in a new, site-specific exhibit, Bus-mounted cameras on 14th Street will crack down on scofflaw drivers.
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