Strong Island, a 2017 Oscar-nominated documentary, revisits the April 1992 murder of William Ford, Jr., a 24-year-old Black man who was shot and killed by a 19-year-old white man, Mark . follows Elizabeth Vargas as she tracks down new leads and DNA evidence. In 2010, an adult man named Larry Ray moved into his daughter's dorm. They heard this urban legend as kids, but little did they know that an actual Cropsey was out there. as she attends the . And, , to new series exclusively available to Hulu subscribers, like. American Murder: The Family Next Doortells the story of Shanann Watts and her children, who went missing in 2018 in Colorado. RELATED: The Most Notorious Criminals in Every State. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery provides a first-hand account of Anthonys parents along with new revelations about this iconic criminal case. Genre Documentary, Crime. Murder Mountain (2018) 6.9/10. By accessing the Hulu Press Site, you agree to the Terms Of Use. The documentary features commentary from Goschs mother and covers the strange twists and turns in this cold case. Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer who confessed to killing 30 young women and girls in the 1970s. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. He was so trusted, in fact, that he would often dress as his persona of Pogo the Clown for children's birthday parties. The Witnessrecounts the case of KittyGenovese, who was murdered in March 1964 in New York City. Durst is cold and aloof as he recounts the disappearance of his wife, his close friend's murder (right before she planned to tell police Durst killed his wife), and the fact that he managed to escape justice for a while, anyway. That is the question that the Netflix documentary "The Keepers" asks over the course of its runtime. NowSoring, the child of a German diplomat, is actively appealing his case. The intense crime documentary series follows Stewart's story beginning with his mother, who was just a teenager when she was stalked, kidnapped, abused, and impregnated by Best. The altercation led to Dunn opening fire on the teenagers car. Elizabeth Vargas, the host of the A&E special, sits down for an interview with JonBenets father, Jon Ramsey. Through commentary from family, friends, and exes, Look at Me: XXXtentacion examines the life of the Sad! rapper and the violence, mental health struggles, and pure talent that surrounded him before his untimely death at just 20 years old. The. Eventually, a bombshell drops on Nicholas family: the boy who claimed to be Nicholas isnt actually their son. Between the mid-70s and mid-80s, Los Angeles was, quite literally, a city of death, with more than 20 serial killers terrorizing the city. However, this feature length documentary shows that truth is most definitely stranger than fiction, showcasing the story in its stomach churning entirety. 12 Best Documentaries on Hulu Right Now. 23 Best Dystopian Movies to Stream Right Now, Oscar-Nominated Movies Streaming Now on Hulu. Watch: Rich & Shameless: The Crime Against Pam & Tommy*, *Hulu + Live TV is required to watch Rich & Shameless: The Crime Against Pam & Tommy. This HBO documentary, which is available to stream on Hulu, documents the odd events surrounding Sandra Bland's arrest and death. This mini-series featurescommentary from Erik Menendez, one-half of the infamous duo that was found guilty of murdering their parents, Jose and Kitty, in 1989. This true-crime documentary is the first to have audio of one of the brothers (Erik Menendez) explaining the events that lead up to the pair fatally shooting their parents. Dive into. 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets is an award-winning documentary that covers the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. If you've seen "The Act," starring Joey King and Patricia Arquette, then you'll be familiar with the events surrounding Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The true-crime Hulu series . Entertainment. Be aware that your file size will increase. Then youll love Hulus collection of murder and true crime documentaries. The documentary discusses the details of the case, how it became so sensationalized in the media, and how both Levin and Cambers reputations were presented to the worldand how those presentations influenced the case. Want to dig into more real crimes involving. The true crime documentary features a jailhouse interview with Shawcross as he discusses his life and his crimesand the interview will send chills down your spine. Founded in 2012 by DeAnne Brady and her husband Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe is a multi-level marketing company that sells women's clothing. For some people, though, these fictitious stories seep into reality. This documentary interviews the real Frank Serpico and allows him to tell his story in his own words. In the course of his research, Stewart makes a horrific discovery: His father may have been the Zodiac Killer, the infamous murderer who terrorized Northern California and taunted police with cryptograms in the late 1960s. Check out more shows based on true stories streaming now. tv-ma 1 Season. While the documentary doesn't seek to change the minds of those who think Anthony is guilty or innocent, it offers more context to the events surrounding Caylee's disappearance and death. Keyes was raised in a white supremacist quasi-Amish cult (his mother and sister are still known culties). In the latter half of the documentary it's shown how the two despite their young age were tried and convicted as adults for their actions. Sam Cooke was an iconic soul singer, but he was also an activist with views that were considered controversial by many at the time of his stardom. Spoiler: Rob and Dave are the same guy, and he's not in prison. Live for the adrenaline rush of a spine-tingling story? But it isn't just Netflix as various platforms and streaming services have made true crime a consistent part of their content output. This is due to Wells, a pizza delivery man, being forced to commit the crime via an explosive bomb strapped to his neck. These shows will have you on the edge of your seat as you get a deep dive into the crimes. He was arrested on October 5, 2014 with his fianc, Amber Burch. *Hulu + Live TV is required to watch Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. If you are a fan of "Narcos" or "Breaking Bad," this tightly edited true story is most definitely for you. Creator of a car known as "The Dale," Elizabeth's life was rife with scrutiny and controversy in regards to her own past. Sometimes uncovering deceit and financial theft is more than enough. a biopic starring Ross Lynch and Alex Wolfstreaming now on Hulu. Authorities eventually arrested a man named Ross Ulbricht for allegedly creating and operating Silk Road. Watch Dee Dee and Gypsys story from the beginning with the Hulu Original biopic series, Follow along with Michelle and Conrads entire story by streaming the. However, this documentary series released via Amazon Prime investigates the company's shady business practices and exposes it as a pyramid scheme. A Green Beret Army surgeon, MacDonald is sent to prison for the murder of his two young daughters and his pregnant wife. The Thin Blue Line is a fascinating true crime documentary that not only won several awards and was entered in the National Film Registry. This crime documentary looks at evidence found in and around the Ramsey home as well as theories on the suspects that could have committed the crime. She was also convicted for committing one of the most notorious acts of criminal fraud in history. The documentary also shows McNamaras dedication to keeping the case alive and bringing the Golden State Killer to justice. Though Soring decides to turn himself in and take the fall, he admits in his interview for the film that he is innocent and thought he was doing it all for love. Crime TV for You Putting their lives in danger, Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole established that this was the work of a serial killer, except no one believed them . These shows will have you on the edge of your seat as you get a deep dive into the crimes. Directed by Errol Morris. But upon release, "Allen v. Farrow" introduced many new eyes to the complicated and often disturbing actions of the once celebrated director. This documentary answers some questions, raises others, and is a reminder of the fragility of truth in the crime genre. Discover the dark secret story of The Chippendales in this revealing four-part docuseries. After youre done watching, stream one of these HBO Max TV shows. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. On two separate occasions, Jan was abducted by her next neighbor Robert Berchtold during the 1970s. The documentarylooks the rampant cyber bullying and abuse the girls were subject to following their sexual assaults and the police investigations that followed. "McMillions" and "LuLaRoe" would honestly make for a great double feature. It instead showcases the ripple effect it had on the people around Cathy. Farrier receives a hostile message back so he decides to investigate further and follows the investigation trail revealing a far darker, toxic, and hostile environment behind the events. From telemarketing schemes and drug cartels to human traffickingthis series covers it all. This two-part documentary series uncovers the big question surrounding the entire casecan one teenager be convicted for the suicide of another? The series features old home videos and various interviews with family members, the most damning being Dylan Farrow, Allen's accuser. RELATED: 19 of the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time. Casey claims she left her daughter with a nanny that no one had ever heard of before. Do you love getting a look inside a criminals mind? Additional terms apply. *I Love You, Now Die is available on Hulu with HBO Max add-on subscription. Useful info Number of seasons: 1 Approximate episodes per season: 3 Average episode length: 57 - 65 minutes Rotten tomatoes rating: 69 % Making a Murderer (Image credit: Netflix) Even if you are already aware of Epstein and the gist of his crimes, this documentary will serve as quite the eye opener as to just how sickening and severe they were. When Scotts mistress came forward explaining how Scott told her his wife died before Laci even disappeared, investigators suspected foul play. Viewers learn about Algarads string of previous incidents with the law he was accused of attempting to strangle his mother to death and was charged as an accessory to a murder for hiding a suspect in his home and detouring police investigation. 7. If the story of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has flown under your radar, we highly recommend giving this one a watch. Streaming services continue to produce their own documentaries or have documentaries available for streaming andarguablythe most popular subgenre of documentaries is true crime. This six-part docuseries chronicles the story of Gacy and his horrific crimes and features previously unreleased interviews from Gacy himself thatll chill you to the bone. It also raises the question: Was Ulbricht the true founder of Silk Road, or are there others pulling the cyberspace strings? The series, unfortunately, does not end with the reveal of Cathy's murderer, as they were never caught. Additional terms apply. The true-crime series, which originally launched in. The story continues in the award-winning Hulu original biopic series, Pam & Tommy, streaming now on Hulu. watch on Netflix. It counts! The filmmaker, Melanie Perkins, was a friend of Andys at the time of his disappearance. Many viewers and commentators cannot believe just how nave the Brobergs were, but such as the case with most true crime, it is real and we wish it weren't. In "Sasquatch," Holthouse tries to piece together the who, what, and why of the bizarre murder. re-investigates the complicated case that has spanned decades in an attempt to find the truth. Watch John Wayne Gacy: The Devil . Note: If you're interested in our previous coverage of crime and thriller shows on Hulu, please visit 45 Best Crime Drama And Thriller Shows On Hulu: 2020 Edition. NEXT: 10 Weird True Crime Stories Netflix Should Cover In A Documentary Next, The Best True Crime Documentaries On Hulu, 10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb), multiple documentaries about the failed Fyre Festival, 10 Things On Netflix To Watch If You Love True Crime, 10 Weird True Crime Stories Netflix Should Cover In A Documentary Next, X-Men Cosplay Reinvents a '90s Superstar for the Modern Day, Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown's Ex's Aren't Suing Over Coyote Pass, Who Plays Gorian Shard, The Pirate King, In The Mandalorian Season 3. Follow the investigation and subsequent trial as jurors try to make sense of this bizarre course of events. The true-crime genre has taken Americans by storm. On November 24, 1971, a man who has become known as D.B. This is one of those true crime documentaries that will send chills down your spine. Follow along with Michelle and Conrads entire story by streaming the Hulu Original biopic series, The Girl from Plainville. What makes this a truly strange and compelling story is that they were all exonerated by DNA evidence in 2009 none of the people who did time for the crime, despite their confessions and the authorities' insistence on their guilt could have done it. Davis was hit by three bullets and died at the scene. Interview with a Serial Killercovers the horrific crimes of Arthur Shawcross, also known as the Genesee River Killer. Hulu 2 Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn When Yusuf Hawkins, an African American teen was shot and killed by an angry white mob in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, it sent shockwaves throughout the Black. There are key things that are different about Nicholas, thoughincluding his eye color and his newly-developed European accent. In 1993, a bartender named Rob convinced a British college student that he was actually an MI5 agent, a friend's suicide was related to a campus terrorist cell, and they had to hit the road for their own safety. Remastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cookefeatures interviews from Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, and others who discuss Cookes rise to fame, his views on civil rights, and the controversy surrounding his death. Sasquatch follows David as he revisits the Redwoods 25 years later, in search of any evidence that might lead to the truth of what happened that night. Credit: EF NEON This highly acclaimed 2020. And to clarify, you will be creeped out. Learn how he acquired and protected his power for decades as allegations of sexual abuse threatened to engulf him. Told via the use of archived family footage, text messages and law enforcement recordings, we learn the story of the Watts family murders. Here are the best true crime documentary features on Hulu. This was a notorious case that rocked the public in August 1986. Erik tells all about the abuse he and his brother endured throughout their life. Watch on. A strange, dark story involving large-scale theft, fake identities, elaborate cons, and even a supernatural element, "Bad Vegan" is a hard to believe but totally true documentary series that began long ago in a place of good intentions and stated purity. The story continues in the award-winning Hulu original biopic series, Rich & Shameless: The Crime Against Pam & Tommy*, Led by acclaimed investigative journalist, Mariana van Zeller, the new docuseries. Netflix launched its marketing campaign for this seven-part documentary series as if 'The Keepers' was your typical true crime murder mystery - but all was not as it seemed. Watch: Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller. The series looks at the intriguing events and the subsequent investigations that, even today, haven't resulted in the discovery of the culprits. Gypsy Rose may have murdered her mom, Dee Dee Blanchardbut only because she was being confined and tortured at the hands of her own mother. At the gas station, they got into a verbal altercation with 45-year-old Michael Dunn about how loud the rap music coming from their car was. 'fyre Fraud' (2019) Technically a true-crime comedy, Fyre Fraud is just one of the two documentaries centered around the failed and fraudulent music festival that scammed thousands of attendees into flying to the Bahamas for a non-existent event. The A&E docuseries The Murder of Laci Peterson recounts the disturbing true story of a pregnant woman who went missing in Modesto, California. Best true crime documentaries on HBO Max Credit: hbo max Directed and produced by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, The Cheshire Murders chronicles a horrific home invasion that devastated a. Hulu. "Alex Murdaugh: Death. The Housewife and The Hustler uncovers the dark side of the legal titan, who is now facing serious allegations and disbarment for stealing money from the clients who trusted him.
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