I'm still low level and only have Phindra, Turas and Talla, what is best to kill Level 18-20 Swarm clusters? The following crews are not sorted by any order, we provide several crews that are effective against the Swarm, but it's up to you to decide what's best for you, depending on what officers you own. In 2263 of the alternate reality, his file was officially closed at Starbase Yorktown. For example, the initial formation of theUSS Enterprise Crew is perfect. Thank you! If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, youre in the right place. While those at the top should have the best abilities depending on the situation. They are two of the best captains among the most famous Star Trek Fleet Command crew compositions . You can then promote your officers to the next level and increase their stats through promotion. Therefore, your crew members must be optimised, upgraded and correctly chosen according to the situation and the ship used! . The valet service on Yorktown station leaves something to be desired. It's depressing how much daily swarm hunts waste time. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Ship Type You have entered an incorrect email address! Here are someideas for crew compositions in Star Trek Fleet Command! I'm Ops Level 18, Right now it is taking me all 3 ships to kill 2x Level 18 . All in all, in terms of materials, this isnt all that expensive, especially when you consider that this is a G4 ship, and that the costs above dont reflect any of the efficiency technologies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Windows 10 is recommended. Crews. Discover more Sci-Fi games on our top 25 Sci-fi games list for iOS and Android devices! Its going to take a lot of Frequency Modulators to upgrade your Franklin. With its odd firing pattern, it averages out to two more shots per round. Use TOS James T. Kirk, TOS Nyota Uhura, and Alexander Marcus in a team. Searches and extractions are the basis of the missions. You will be able to exchange your old modulators for the tier 2 ones, though the exchange rate is not 1:1. Higher level means better stats and improved abilities. It was the first-ever Earth ship capable of reaching warp 4. In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play. And I have two Franklins (not that I particularly recommend you going out of your way constructing a second one.). You probably do. USS Franklin-A Explorer Ship. In addition to those dailies, farming Swarm biominerals are always handy for storing resources you . Your Ship. :), Average score 2 / 5. Youll notice that like its older brother, it switches over from one grade to another, this time from Grade 3 mats to Grade 4 at tier 5. You will have a lot of firepower because in Star Trek: Fleet Command, the combination of Nero and Kingons creates the best crews. The crew always matters in Star Trek Fleet Command, but probably in no other area more than with the Franklin. Defensive crews with stats mitigation do very well against the Swarm. If you own any of the following officers, don't hesitate to add them to your lower ship deck. The officers at the top should have better abilities, while the officers at the bottom should have better stats. If your franklin is exceeding 12 rounds where the swarm's big gun hits, using hostile crew, cdt uhura (c), cdt kirk/ins spock and tlan with high atk stats sub bridge works best to try to reduce the battle rounds below 12. Learn how to manage your ships, upgrade your officers and compose your fleets with our tips and tricks on the Star Trek Fleet Command mobile game. Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. To compose your crews, you must place two officers at the top and the captain in the middle. Therefore, your crew members must be optimised, upgraded and correctly chosen according to the situation and the ship used! Hide not your Talents, they for Use were made. I highly recommend either Kumak (c)+Nero+tlaan or bones(c)+blue uhura+ tlaan. As a result, the promotion allows you to strengthen your ships! If your franklin is exceeding 12 rounds where the swarm's big gun hits, using hostile crew, cdt uhura (c), cdt kirk/ins spock and tlan with high atk stats sub bridge works best to try to reduce the battle rounds below 12. In this game you can promote your officers. Mining nodes will hold larger quantities of crystal the deeper into space you go. The most popular options for PvP are USS Enterprise, Valdore, and Augur. Generally speaking, the best crew compositions in Star Trek Fleet Command are those that combine officers from the same group to create synergies. If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, youre in the right place. One is the 'Captain Maneuver' and the other is 'Officer Ability'. & Doing missions. An Explorer ship is, as the name suggests, made for exploration! Heres what youll get for a maxed-out Franklin. But youll get them by defeating new higher level swarm, level 37+, and in new swarm systems. Then you will promote your officers by spending experience points on them and increasing their ranks. At the moment of writing, there are 132 different Officers that you can recruit in. It was found in the year 2263 by the crew of the . This ship refit that youll be able to earn in Franklin event in April 2021 will give you a massive buff to damage against Swarm. In 2263 of the . Ill be back when my data plan resets, lol good to see you taxigirl918 i just begin to know all these social network hehe is not the last time i post here for sure.. hope you come back soon Btw.. i leave DEATH alliance.. we create a new alliance called DAETH a sister alliance.. Gonzales for captain then tlaan and blue uhura has been the best Ive found. In this sense, the main focus when creating PvP squads in this game should be to take the Officers that are already available, and try combining them in ways that enhance their synergies. This is going to be a tremendous advantage when youre trying to complete your Swarm Sunday events: Threat From Beyond, and Threat From Beyond Heroic! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Officer skills in Star Trek Fleet Command, List of important officers and their skills in STFC, Some ideas for crew compositions in Star Trek Fleet Command, An effective composition for defence and combat, The best composition for extractions and research, Player's rating on Star Trek Fleet Command, Missions in Star Trek Fleet Command | Tips and List, Get the best ship in Star Trek Fleet Command Tier List, Star Trek Fleet Command: 5 Strategic Tips, Star trek Fleet Command Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice. Carnac | April 6, 2021April 6, 2021 | Independent Ship, Ships. This month weve got a new ship, the USS Franklin-A. Thats what its talent is. Otherwise, fall back on Nero's crew with their firepower. You should also be aware that the percentage of the bonus given by the officer's ability or the captain's manoeuvre increases if you create synergies between the officers. Answered, All Confirmed Things Coming to Farming Simulator 23. Have fun and discover new galaxies with our tips and tricks on this fabulous mobile game! The Franklin-A's function will remain the same, dealing vastly increased damage to Swarm targets! 5,911 to Maybe if you set it up with a lawnmower blade attachment, it could mow your lawn. For more information, see Scopelys Fan Content Policy. An ideal Officer for shutting down enemies that rely mostly on their Captains Maneuver, as Kras can reduce the effectiveness of the said maneuver by a specific percentage. For lvl 28 this would be better as the shields would not deplete during each fight so the shield regen would be wasted. You can find grade 2 raw crystal in the following systems: Grade 3 raw crystal is most abundant in Klingon space and is required to make grade 3 ships, station updates, and research. Increase health, shield, and other defensive stats. If the battle rounds are already < 12, then your crew suggestion might help to save the total dmg inflicted per swarm and increase the swarms grinded per franklin, For me this works better with Decius instead of Moreau. So, in this Star Trek Fleet Command PvP Guide, we will give you some tips on the best crews and more. Then there are 7 more officers at the bottom. To go on the assault, on board a Dreadnought or an Interceptor, we recommend this type of training: For Interceptors or Dreadnoughts, go for the Klingon forces with, for example, Officer Gorkon as captain, Koth and M'Ral as officers. Feel free to share your own crew combinations and strategies in the comments section below! The captain can use his officers and captains maneuver abilities. These synergies are symbolised by a yellow percentage when you create your crew. In that case, you can go with high level Cadet or Next Gen combinations. This guide will cover officers and crew combinations to boost your combat against Swarm clusters. Details Here's what it's going to cost you to upgrade your Franklin-A. This means that you can start ranking your officers by spending officer XP to promote them. 2023 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc. Prize=10k Parsteel. Theres a lot more liberty when it comes to creating PvP crews in Star Trek Fleet Command, particularly since youre not limited to Officers that enhance your stats when engaging exclusively against hostels. Think the crew combination would largely depends on the lvl of swarms being grinded. I found cadet McCoy slightly better than Moreau or Kirk for my levels. , Click on a star to rate it! Its a swarm killer. Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. Of course, the other difference is that your new ship will be stronger by level than the old one. Then there are 7 more officers at the bottom. You can promote an officer once you have collected enough fragments and enough resources to pay for the promotion. In addition, there are even more star trek fleet command swarm locations for high-level players: Between Klingon and Romulan regions: Fortaine (30) Adelphi (32) Araxian (37) Estar (37) Iusum (37) Between Romulan and Federation regions: Von (30) Fyrsta (32) Vesali (35) Dalogn (35) Vahok (39) Uyik (39) How to fight the Swarm in Star Trek Fleet . Deploying crew members of the same group, will provide a synergy bonus to the Captain's Maneuver ability, increasing its effectiveness. 3 steps later need a Tier 7 Enterprise at level 35 to complete. RELATED: Star Trek: Fleet Command Leveling Guide. One of the things we consider most important is to have officers who can decrease their damage or increase our defenses. Besides, favour the survivors and miners group for this type of mission ! So you must spend XP or kill hostiles with it . As many of you also like to play management games on the computer, we explain how to play Star Trek Fleet Command on the PC! Get yours today. The Franklin entered the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Beyond. See you soon! After many successful missions, the Franklin mysteriously vanished after traveling through the Gagarin Radiation Belt. (If you complete these events during a Daily Recruiting event, youll get points for the Khan and Mara shards.). Owner/Creator Paramount Picturesand/orCBS Studios, READ LATER - DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDF >> CLICK HERE <<, Marlena Moreau - Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command, Realta - Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command, The Vahklas - Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command, Christopher Pike - The Most Important Officer in STFC, Hail! The mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command is a game where you have to create your crew to pilot ships. Luckily the following crews will help you in your battles against the Swarm. . Star Trek Fleet Command PvP Guide: Best Crews, Tips, and More, Is Star Trek Fleet Command Pay to Win? All rights reserved. They were able to utilize the ship's antiquated technology to defeat Krall and his Swarm. This will increase the speed of mining. If youre wondering if you can now scrap old Franklins, you can. Just like with PvE Officers, the best characters for attacking and defending stations are the ones that have exclusive skills for this purpose, so creating teams for this task is seldom difficult. Keep in mind that these upgrades only apply when youre using the Franklin. Pike and Moreau are the core, but the 3rd member of your crew can be either Chen or T'Laan depending on the enemies you are facing. If you have read our Star Trek Fleet Command beginner's guide, you know that absolutely any ship can be attacked. Luckily, this aspect is a bit more straightforward since the best characters for this task often have benefits that exclusively activate when attacking stations. the basics of Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command. To get the Franklin-A, you must have Shipyard Level 35. So keep this in mind when youre looking at the chart above, especially in the early rounds. Besides, there are many events involving hunting Swarm hostiles, so if you want to be on the top of leaderboard events, you better have a good crew that makes you more efficient when hunting Swarm hostiles. Some of the best Officers in Fleet Command for this aspect include the following: This Officer was essentially designed to shine in a Hostile hunter crew. Related: Is Star Trek Fleet Command Pay to Win? It comes in 3 grades. While waiting to find the perfect crew composition, you can complete our advice by reading our Star Trek Fleet Command ship guide! The problem with higher level players is that, other than on Swarm Sunday, the Franklin has become obsolete. But the better your crew and research, the higher level swarm youll be able to take out. Captain James T. Kirk Spock Montgomery Scott Leonard McCoy Hikaru Sulu Pavel Chekov Nyota Uhura Jaylah Keenser This male crew member was aboard the USS Franklin in the 2160s. If you want to choose an Enterprise as your main PvP ship then you should try to use officers that belong to this ship's crew. However, you can always try to make an unusual build with other officers. Your new Franklin should come out of the box at about the same strength as your old one. It must be refined in a refinery and turned into common, uncommon, or rare crystal. We also recommend using strong mining officers as officers, but always keep attacking forces as captains, even when exploring. After the unexpected return of the USS Franklin in 2263, Starfleet began to examine the many upgrades and jury-rigged fixes applied to the ancient vessel by Jaylah. And scrapping your old Franklin will give you 200 Advanced Data Cores, which is the exact amount youll need to buy the 200 blueprints youll need for your new ship. They give out tritanium, tritanium tokens, uncommon ore, uncommon gas, and rare crystal, and at the highest level of each event Khan and Mara shards. However, these tokens take longer to earn you officers. Though a bit more niche than Moreau, Gaila is a perfect Officer for engaging against tougher Hostiles due to her ability that reduces the damage from enemy critical hits. To conquer space, you need a good crew to pilot your ships!
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